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Aug. 1st, 2007 12:40 pm
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This weekend, MeeToo is another year older, so Himself, Hyperactive Lad and I will be in the 865 area code to visit with Mee Too, Princess Legal Eagle, BIL, [livejournal.com profile] laloshin and [livejournal.com profile] grommie38. So far, the only solid plans I know of are for Saturday morning (taking advantage of the Tax-Free Holiday) and Sunday noonish (MeeToo's party).

So if anyone knows something to do Saturday evening, ping me here or at yahoo (same name, different 'verse) and we may get facetime (I'm looking at you, Epona) or I may just drag the crew to BWW and see if putting the NTN nodule on the edge of campus harms my chances of knocking on the leader board.

Edit: I have also been poking at the website for Hyperactive Lad's new school (repeatedly, over the entire summer, with a large stick) and come to one conclusion: they do not want parents to know anything about the school. The website is fugly (yes, use the school colors, but not exclusively) haphazardly organized, and is rarely updated (NS, there's a couple of 2005 info pages there).

The aforementioned Tax Holiday is THIS WEEKEND, and I cannot find anything other than the core list (the one for the entire county) which is good for the basics, but the teachers are still permitted to tinker with the specifics.
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Out-of-pocket weekend, first long-distance driving with the new MadMommieMobile, and it was not too bad. The average when I stopped to fill up in Oak Ridge was 28.3 mpg. No telling with what may be in the tank now. It didn't glow last night when I checked on it, so it may be okay. I miss the Sirius radio, though. I need to either burn off another personal mix CD or get myself an MP3 player with a mini-to-mini jack so I don't have to rely on the stations overlapping.

Sometime today, Himself and B-I-L may attempt to catch 300, as they were unable to see it last night, and ended up at a sushi place. Himself had a fishbowl, and was describing something that scares me. I firmly believe Tentacles Are For Fiction, Not Food.

I may have actually gotten my niece's birthday present right this year, or she is a better actress than she needs to be. I got her a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball and a portable goal.

I'm trying to wait until most everyone on this level of the house is up before making coffee, but that may not be possible. OTOH, [livejournal.com profile] laloshin is DEAF as a POST (emphasis hers) and would not hear the grinder unless it was beside her head.

Interesting thought about that phrase... just how hearing-impaired is the average lj post, anyway?

I think I hear [livejournal.com profile] grommie38 moving about, so on to caffination stage.
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At [livejournal.com profile] laloshin's house and the unit here is as about as reliable as Enron. Brother-In-Law says it's akin to a naked man running backwards through a cornfield. I will post the last chapter of Three of Five when I get home.
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After reading [profile] chanlemur's Narbonicon report, I was hesitant to post my weekend report, but then I remembered I could not accept defeat quietly, I should go down in flames! Bwahahaha! 

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But not entirely unscathed. Hyperactive Lad's pack spent the night at The Lost Sea- yes, I said SPENT THE NIGHT. There are One Hundred Thirty-Seven steps down from that "natural entrance" and I would swear they were laid by the moonshiners that used the place. Every single one was different, and yes, there can be 137 variations in steps, all of them made my knee unhappy. Consequently, I was unable to join in the wild crawls, which I actually had been looking forward to doing. Himself went as well, and his knee is worse than mine. The both of us ended up base camp sitting. 
No matter what Labrador, Schemer and Spooky said, HL would not join them on their treks . Fearless Den Leader got stuck in the Meatgrinder, near the end of the crawl, and had to do nearly the entire run again - backwards. Duuuude.
The commercial tour was included, and that was worth it. Even with the lake down by feet due to last year's drought. The trout were very friendly with the boats, and seemed to be playing flashlight tag with some of the boys. Those suckers can dodge.
The guides were mountain goat/human crossbreeds, who seemed to relish in the history of the caves, including the one joker who hid himself in the ceiling of the blast tunnel to startle the unwary.
While the trip up the stairs (137 of them) did not further aggrivate the knee, the musculature surrounding them was SCREAMING, in harmony with my lungs,  by the time I got to the top. I am so woefully out of shape.  
The trip back was okay, and not the nail-biter that the drive up there had been. Caravanning is always such fun when the leader of the wagon train decides to push the warp drive to its limits. The radios made the trip a little more workable - "Blue leader, we are stopping at the next rest stop." "There's a rest stop? Whe - Cheezit, there it is!" On the way back, I was able to travel at a safe and sane speed. If you think that makes me sound like I drive like an old lady, you obviously have never ridden with the old ladies in my family. It took me about four hours to make the drive - I'm pretty sure Mama would have taken the trip in two-thirds the time.
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Okay, so it was MeeToo's birthday this week, and we drove up after my meds wore off enough to make me legal. This time, we took a route that allowed me to completely avoid I-75 *glee!*
The route took us through the old west gate for Oak Ridge, a relic remaining from the "Secret City" era. Then we started seeing signs for the American Museum of Science and Energy - the pull was too strong and I had to follow. We got there after hours, but HunnyBabySweetiePieDarlin' wandered up to the door and noted the place was also open Sundays one to five.
Continue on to the House of Seester (NS - that's how she pronounces it, like she's a refugee from a Cisco Kid movie... but that's how to tell she's in a good mood.) Mama, for once, was not up to her elbows in a home improvement project. She said just finished painting the house (the parts of the house not covered by the siding guys) earlier in the week and was taking a break. Seems everybody was tired, and cooking didn't sound fun. Especially after cleaning up after Princess Legal Eagle and MeeToo's cupcake-making extraveganza. So we call Panda Garden. New place, and will get my repeat business. Little hole-in-the-strip-mall restaurant, but no steam table. Everything was nearly fresh-made (in the last hour, at least), delicious and they KNOW HOW TO PACK TAKE-AWAY ORDERS FOR TRANSPORT! *massive glee!* Hyperactive Lad still is not trying it yet, but he did say the crispy noodles were good.
Sleep patterns make me usually the first adult awake on these weekends, and this time was not different. I make coffee, and MeeToo makes his breakfast request. This weekend, he wanted his birthday cake, so he could go ahead and open his presents. Apologies to Mr. Cosby, I wasn't buying it (Saturday, anyway).
HBSPD and I ran away around noonish to see the new McKay's used media store. If you find yourself in Knoxville, it is worth braving the construction to see this place. Books, DVD's, CD's, CD-ROM, and games for just about every gaming platform available in the area - we spend too much every time, but we keep going back.
We came back just in time to meet my aunt and grandmother at the house for the PARTY for which MeeToo had been pestering us to start for HOURS (any wonder why we bailed to the bookstore?) and the obligatory tour of the grounds. While PLE engaged in the time-honored tradition of "testing" the younger sibling's new toys, we watched the koi and complimented the new plantings. Outside, away from the kinder. No fool, I - Maw-Maw's much easier to handle than the terrible trio.
Breakfast for dinner - with two-and-a-half alpha females in the kitchen. PLE isn't old enough to cook, so she supervised.
Luckily, I had picked up danish-like objects and turnovers for breakfast Sunday the day before. No more bacon in the house.
We left early, for we had a mission - we must see the museum. History and mad-science buffs that we are, HBSPD and I were having a large time, and HL enjoyed parts of it, as well. He doesn't stop to read the cards, he just pushes the buttons. Hee. He even managed to startle a proctor with The Laugh (you know the one - BWAHAHAHAHA!) He got to participate in the VandeGraaff Generator demonstration, and only had to get zapped twice before he decided that was enough fun, thank you. The boy's going to let the minions test that stuff from now on.
Other than that, there was much driving, with new music. One of the finds at McKay's was the highlights from the War of The Worlds musical, with the Richard Burton narrations. Not quite what I remembered, but enjoyable, nonetheless.


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