Oct. 11th, 2011 12:40 pm
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I'm working again. Not in my field, but it means it'll be easier to get the next job. It has almost no slow times that I have seen, and I'm cut off from everything but answering the phone. Yes, it's a call center. Yes, it is stressful. Yes, I am still looking for an IT position.

I should have insurance again sometime about the beginning of November, and might even be able to take time off. We had health insurance of a sort, but when the deductible is over $800, and there's barely enough money coming in to cover normal bills, it's pretty much useless.

I have cats again. No pictures yet, because they are still skittish. Two young cats, semi-feral rescues, and they are just now warming up to being seen. I will be able to get them health insurance through this job, though.

Corgi brought the cats. Driving. With five dogs also in the car. We had birthday doings of a sort for her here.

Not quite writing right now. Doing some RP that is letting me do some character development, though.
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No damage to the house, the trash can was still in the same spot we left it.

Still unemployed, as most of the advertised positions are for factory engineers and accountants and paralegals.

Still writing, but most of it is for magazines in Second Life, and paid in L$, instead of USD and the current exchange rate is about L$270 = $1.

The RP outlines are all right, except when they get tangled with others. There is still the annoyance of the occasional bigot, who does not see himself as such, and gets indignant when someone points it out to him. Besides, I do not need the extra crap, the office in-world is getting busy enough without taking him to court over it.

Still working as a volunteer for Relay for Life of Second Life. My page is http://main.acsevents.org/goto/Annechen.Lowey even if the stupid site is not behaving today to let me in.
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I have been travelling, will report on what a horrible person I am later.

Other than Gemma still missing and Blademum's charming the hospital staff, there were some other things that caught my eye as I zipped through 280 friendslist entries. Notes that I took while speeding through on my lunch hour were on linking journals, cute world domination with a side of atomic-era family dynamics and an intriguing way to organize worldbuilding information.

If you have news I can abuse or information you need me to have or you just want to share, let me know.


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