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This goes further than the "You mean Sir Paul was in a band?" twitch for me.

My legal age to drink is now legal age to drink.

I guess you had to be there.
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Anybody looking for dogs should contact Corgi - especially if you are serious.

If you are Sirius, you might want to keep your distance...

If you are familiar with [ profile] sff_corgi, time for a birthday dogpile!


*looks at clock* I got meetings tomorrow, goin ta bed, Be Seeing You.
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[ profile] myfanwy's birthday is today! Go pester her!
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I begin to fear this building and the women’s WC in particular. Having made my peace with Schrödinger's transvestite, the building chooses to warp my perception in other ways.

On the Executive floor, the floor plan conspires to make the easiest directions to our federal liaison’s office “go through the central doors off the atrium, and then through the men’s room door.” While it is actually a directional indicator (as the loo is actually down that hallway) rather than a labeling sign, it still causes me problems.

There is more than one women’s room on the training floor, retrofitted when we moved into the building to accommodate barrier free architecture. From what I can see, this is standard on all the floors to which I have had access. Either these standards were not required when the building was constructed, or the contractor knew who to bribe. One of the women’s has a back door. It is locked (yes, I checked) but I thought those were only needed in certain types of bars or restaurants.

I came back from lunch to find my co-workers hugging a support column at the end of the aisle. Is it an offering or an assault? While I can seriously believe either of many of my co-workers, the usual suspects were nowhere to be found. The persons involved in the architectural canoodling are the ones usually accused of being normal. At this point, I just cannot ask.

Entirely appropriate thoughts for [ profile] ms_issicran's birthday, I believe.
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Yes, they changed the LJ front page, but the birthday list is back, just in time for everybody to pester [ profile] droolfangrrl and wish her a happy birthday!

Have a birthday drabble! )
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She was on the computer, and startled him by asking out of the blue, “So, your birthday is July 21?”

He paused to think a moment before answering, “Eh, give or take some corrections in the Julian and Gregorian bug patches.” He was stopped from returning to the paper when she giggled.

“You are such a nerd,” she said as she kept typing.

He put down the newspaper, and retorted, “Why for?”

“You are comparing major calendar adjustments to software retcon.”

“Heh, should I follow up with a ‘LOL N00BS’ comment?”

She laughed for a good five minutes in response.
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Corgi wrote the original cast, and made sure everything in my head came out on digital paper. Happy Birthday, Blade!


Going away to college: there are some things that are universal. For everything else you need Jägerkin. )

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Go pester [profile] ms_issicran to wish her a happy birthday!



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