Oct. 23rd, 2007 08:25 am
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Erm, well - yes.

Not dead, but I haven't looked in here in a bit.

The party was nice, I don't think I did anything horribly wrong, and I need to go back to bed.

So if there's anything you want me to see in your journal, let me know, m'kay?

Besides the fact that Dumbledore was gay, I mean. That I saw.
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... when you say, "what do you mean we need to do laundry? Just re-load the outfit from your wardrobe folder in inventory."
... waking up slowly, you comment, "eh, rez is slow today."
... you look at a filthy car and think, "need to rebake."
... in the home center, you get annoyed that the light fixture lists the price, but not the prims.
... you automatically reach for something across the room, and realize 5m away is out of your reach.
... you drive over a bumpy patch in the road and think "sim's running rough today."
... you are late for an appointment because you forget about First Life travel times.
... you forget to eat in First Life because you've been to multiple functions in Second Life where they served canapes and scones.

So... if you need me to see something, you might want to ping me. I'm still running around Caledon relearning polite behaviour.
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I have been travelling, will report on what a horrible person I am later.

Other than Gemma still missing and Blademum's charming the hospital staff, there were some other things that caught my eye as I zipped through 280 friendslist entries. Notes that I took while speeding through on my lunch hour were on linking journals, cute world domination with a side of atomic-era family dynamics and an intriguing way to organize worldbuilding information.

If you have news I can abuse or information you need me to have or you just want to share, let me know.
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let me show you them. )


Apr. 30th, 2007 01:04 pm
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Yeah, I haven't been here, have I? Sorry, what did I miss?
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Okay, so it's just a riding lawn mower, but will post a lot of pictures of the new MadMommieMobile and the "If You Give a Mommie a Tractor" story if I ever find the frinkin' camera.

Highs in the mid 80's this weekend, no time to be on line.

And NO, I did not drive the lawn tractor to the liquor store.
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First off, nobody was injured... )

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Y'all are a chatty bunch to have bankrupt my pants in less than 72 hours.

I haven't had a washing machine for over a week, and need to catch up on flipping the laundry, so it doesn't look good for catching up until the weekend. I may drown.

I am beginning to believe Dr Ceasar lives in the area and does not like snow. I keep watching the radar and there is a HOLE in the cloud cover that nearly fits the county lines. North, East, South and West of us may be getting a few inches of snow, but it is not happening here.
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At [livejournal.com profile] laloshin's house and the unit here is as about as reliable as Enron. Brother-In-Law says it's akin to a naked man running backwards through a cornfield. I will post the last chapter of Three of Five when I get home.


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