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So, it is all the fault of the zombies, for I have fallen in with a gang that carries multitools and lighters. As such [ profile] mysryael, who is apparently much more prepared than I am, has started the [ profile] er_oneaday community to discuss and distribute emergency preparedness tactics.

Oh, and this is still worrisome:
TheBreastCancerSite - Fund Free Mammograms
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Interactive fiction can be fun; but that was not the whole of it. Thinking about any disaster and how prepared we are for it is difficult, but put it in the frame of a zombie uprising, and the drill is fun! Zombies make everything better!

I haven’t heard from [ profile] drharper for her wrap-up, but [ profile] fabricdragon has done her report here, and [ profile] patgund posted his thoughts here, and now I’m gonna talk. You don’t have to listen, but it is here for your edification.

So, class, what have we learned? )

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Jun. 2nd, 2007 01:00 am
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I have been haphazard in my charitable giving, such as renewing my WMOT membership at the Mainstreet Jazz Festival (I have to remember to call them aobut straightening out the mix-up from this year) and signing up for the bloodmobile when I'm not sick. There are several organizations that I try to support on a regular basis, and I said to myself: "Self, you have a sticky post for your introduction, why not use it for something other than scaring people off?" Actually, I wanted to have these reminder buttons in my intro post, to remind myself to click, and [ profile] sff_corgi obliged by sharing the code she uses.

In a line abreast, thusly:

TheBreastCancerSite - Fund Free MammogramsTheHungerSite - Feed the HungryTheAnimalRescueSite - Feed Animals in Shelters TheChildHealthSite - Protect Childrens' Health TheLiteracySite - Give the Gift of Reading TheRainforestSite - Save Endangered Land

Code as such replacing '[' with '<': )


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