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Just remembering a few things over the past 18 months.

The last trips to visit Grandma before Sister died, she was talking to others in the room that were not in this plane. When talking about it later, one of us, I don't remember if it was Mama or me, joked that Grandma was ready to go, but that Granddaddy and Uncle had welded the door shut.

Sister just came out with "That's so mean!" We joked a bit more about it, but let it go.

Then that December, Sister died.

It took me this long to realize that Sister was better at breaking and entering that Grandma. Figure she got in a window, and it just took her half a year to find the welding kit to let Grandma in.

Yeah, morbid humor. Sister is probably laughing at me for being so slow.
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Significant Job-Related Accomplishments: (500 character max)*

I didn't kill anybody?

No, that will not go over well....
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Go ahead and leave the seat up. Your aim is not as good as you think.
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News through [ profile] whouseknecht -

It would have only worked out if I had been able to emigrate to London and write for the Telegraph.

He sounds like a character I would develop on a weekend bender, and convince myself in a fit of sobriety to edit down, simply because he was too unbelievable.
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I begin to fear this building and the women’s WC in particular. Having made my peace with Schrödinger's transvestite, the building chooses to warp my perception in other ways.

On the Executive floor, the floor plan conspires to make the easiest directions to our federal liaison’s office “go through the central doors off the atrium, and then through the men’s room door.” While it is actually a directional indicator (as the loo is actually down that hallway) rather than a labeling sign, it still causes me problems.

There is more than one women’s room on the training floor, retrofitted when we moved into the building to accommodate barrier free architecture. From what I can see, this is standard on all the floors to which I have had access. Either these standards were not required when the building was constructed, or the contractor knew who to bribe. One of the women’s has a back door. It is locked (yes, I checked) but I thought those were only needed in certain types of bars or restaurants.

I came back from lunch to find my co-workers hugging a support column at the end of the aisle. Is it an offering or an assault? While I can seriously believe either of many of my co-workers, the usual suspects were nowhere to be found. The persons involved in the architectural canoodling are the ones usually accused of being normal. At this point, I just cannot ask.

Entirely appropriate thoughts for [ profile] ms_issicran's birthday, I believe.
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So, it's bad enough I worry about the women's wc at work, but when you notice the feet facing the wrong way for the supposed gender, I revisit that worry.

On the other hand, most people here recognize the Tevas of Doom, and know I don't wear heels unless at gunpoint, so maybe I worry too much.

Except that bit about the transvestite working on our floor... who apparently has a better pedicure than I do.
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Himself and I were watching the news when another political commercial came on the television. The candidate was making a point to say he would be against illegal aliens crossing the state line. Himself comments, "Yeah, but what about the illegal aliens that didn't cross the state line?"

I point up, and say "What, them?"

"Yeah, them."

"Baby, them're family."

Of course, if they get arrested for agricultural vandalism, that's another matter.

WTF, $1.25.

Aug. 2nd, 2006 07:41 pm
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There is a freezer vending machine with ice cream, frozen dinners and the like within. This machine is in our break room.

On the top row of items, there is an item which seems to be squareish, perhaps 3"x3", and has been placed where there are ice cream novelties to either side. This is a mystery item.

The wrapper is blank. There is no indication on the wrapper that there ever was anything printed there. It is a plain white wrapper.

I am not paying $1.25 just to get a Vanilla Ice.


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