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I'm fond of some odd things, such as vintage sodas. The World Market nearby offers some interesting options. The most recent find was Fentimans Rose Lemonade. This is a lovely sparkling lemonade with just enough bite from the ginger, and the rose comes through without being overpowering, more like a scent signature on the breeze.

Hyperactive Lad tried the vintage formula Bubble Up, but didn't care for it. He said it was too sweet. I like how the citrus flavors seem brighter than some of the popular/national brands.
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Apparently, I have trained Himself well. The phrase, "things will be different when I rule the world" triggers the immediate application of chocolate and/or red meat.

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…but for a good cause. See, every Friday, (or every Friday I remember and don’t have other plans) I go to the First Harvest Café for lunch. All sorts of good karma that I could use right about now (yes, another box of rocks, I’ll let y’all know once things settle and I have told the husbands) and it is usually very good. It was today as well, but I have to get there first.

Now, with the cost of gas going up, it hurts my feelings to fill up. I know it is nothing like what one sees in Europe these days, but still. I’m old enough to remember filling the tank of the Beetle, getting a couple of 12 oz Cokes, and two packs of cigarettes and getting change back from a $20. Yes, I am that old; stop snickering before I whack you with my cane.

At most, this place is 400 meters from my building, but this is in a place where there are NO SIDEWALKS. Drivers in the area do not see pedestrians except to speed up. This used to take me forever to walk, but as I am 48 days out from my last smoke, it felt better than the last time. I don’t have my mother’s deceptive ground-eating stroll (she doesn’t look like she is moving that fast, but suddenly she is at the end of the block – I have accused her of teleporting without sharing the technology) but I did make good time. I also did not get hit, which is good.

This was the first time I had been to the café on a day-camp week. They have a day camp for kids to cook during the week, and they help serve on Friday. Hyperactive Lad will be old ennough next year, so he will be going. Lunch was prepared by the kids in the day camp - and it was not only Edible, it was Delicious. This is good enough I told the boys, “You find a girlfriend you want to keep, bake for her – good job” because the gingerbread cake had a really good ginger-and-orangeish glaze on top.

Take the time to look for these places; you might be surprised by what you find.
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Since only my sister editor found Father's Day interesting, I shall retaliate with... Unnatural Ices )
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Now that the office is no longer downtown, I rarely go out for lunch anymore. It is much easier to pack a lunch than to drag all over creation to stand in line for fast food. Mind you, occasionally I do enjoy that, but not often.

I have found a new way to splurge and get bonus karma points, to boot.

First Harvest Cafe is open on Fridays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. It is run to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank in the Culinary Arts Center. The price is $10 per person. This is not cafeteria food - today's menu was the French Cruise buffet - romaine and bacon salad, beef burgundy, egg noodles, chicken dijonaise, green beans almandine and crepes with fresh fruit sauce.

If you are in Davidson on a Friday about noonish, check it out. If you aren't local, check out the programs in your area - you might be pleasantly surprised.
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Okay, so it was MeeToo's birthday this week, and we drove up after my meds wore off enough to make me legal. This time, we took a route that allowed me to completely avoid I-75 *glee!*
The route took us through the old west gate for Oak Ridge, a relic remaining from the "Secret City" era. Then we started seeing signs for the American Museum of Science and Energy - the pull was too strong and I had to follow. We got there after hours, but HunnyBabySweetiePieDarlin' wandered up to the door and noted the place was also open Sundays one to five.
Continue on to the House of Seester (NS - that's how she pronounces it, like she's a refugee from a Cisco Kid movie... but that's how to tell she's in a good mood.) Mama, for once, was not up to her elbows in a home improvement project. She said just finished painting the house (the parts of the house not covered by the siding guys) earlier in the week and was taking a break. Seems everybody was tired, and cooking didn't sound fun. Especially after cleaning up after Princess Legal Eagle and MeeToo's cupcake-making extraveganza. So we call Panda Garden. New place, and will get my repeat business. Little hole-in-the-strip-mall restaurant, but no steam table. Everything was nearly fresh-made (in the last hour, at least), delicious and they KNOW HOW TO PACK TAKE-AWAY ORDERS FOR TRANSPORT! *massive glee!* Hyperactive Lad still is not trying it yet, but he did say the crispy noodles were good.
Sleep patterns make me usually the first adult awake on these weekends, and this time was not different. I make coffee, and MeeToo makes his breakfast request. This weekend, he wanted his birthday cake, so he could go ahead and open his presents. Apologies to Mr. Cosby, I wasn't buying it (Saturday, anyway).
HBSPD and I ran away around noonish to see the new McKay's used media store. If you find yourself in Knoxville, it is worth braving the construction to see this place. Books, DVD's, CD's, CD-ROM, and games for just about every gaming platform available in the area - we spend too much every time, but we keep going back.
We came back just in time to meet my aunt and grandmother at the house for the PARTY for which MeeToo had been pestering us to start for HOURS (any wonder why we bailed to the bookstore?) and the obligatory tour of the grounds. While PLE engaged in the time-honored tradition of "testing" the younger sibling's new toys, we watched the koi and complimented the new plantings. Outside, away from the kinder. No fool, I - Maw-Maw's much easier to handle than the terrible trio.
Breakfast for dinner - with two-and-a-half alpha females in the kitchen. PLE isn't old enough to cook, so she supervised.
Luckily, I had picked up danish-like objects and turnovers for breakfast Sunday the day before. No more bacon in the house.
We left early, for we had a mission - we must see the museum. History and mad-science buffs that we are, HBSPD and I were having a large time, and HL enjoyed parts of it, as well. He doesn't stop to read the cards, he just pushes the buttons. Hee. He even managed to startle a proctor with The Laugh (you know the one - BWAHAHAHAHA!) He got to participate in the VandeGraaff Generator demonstration, and only had to get zapped twice before he decided that was enough fun, thank you. The boy's going to let the minions test that stuff from now on.
Other than that, there was much driving, with new music. One of the finds at McKay's was the highlights from the War of The Worlds musical, with the Richard Burton narrations. Not quite what I remembered, but enjoyable, nonetheless.


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