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However, according to this post, I have been a non-smoker for two years now.

I still have the caffeine habit. What, are you insane? I can't give that up, I'm going into the IT field - that's required!
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Another turn in the year.

As of seven days ago, I have been unemployed six months.

In fourteen days, my unemployment benefits run out.

I have not had a single job interview from any of the many applications sent out into the aether.


In five days, it will have been a year since my last cigarette.

Tomorrow is an annual festival for wonderful music, and though I cannot donate monetarily to support the threatened public radio station that sponsors the event, I will go, if only for a few moments.

...and the iris are blooming in the front garden.
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21+ days smoke free, and the thing I notice the most is how many people in this building reek.
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Only not the one I'm paid to attend. The fever was an indicator of something viral, so I'm home until I am no longer contagious, after Labor Day. If I am still fatigued and achy by then, the blood tests get done.

Greyson is much improved, and I have wonderful feelings about the new vet. The office is part of a chain, but they were very attentive, even with an emergency procedure coming in just before us. They even made a follow-up call this week. I had warned them I had a geriatric cat, and the vet was amazed he was 20 years old and still not having major failures. The dental, on the other paw, will need some work.

I have joined several groups in SL, and still do not have land. I have to get the servers to speak to each other, and it needs to happen soon. OTOH, that gives me some time to attend some virtual architecture classes. Corgi was right, I'm starting to dream in prims. There is a small Bavarian prefab I would like to use, but I cannot find the showroom.

I really don't want to write the next bit that has to be written, because it is painful. I'll get through it, but it may take a chunk of the weekend. The only problem is this isn't the sort of thing I can piece together while waiting for rez.
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"Ooh, cool! Do you have a rash to go with it? Could be shingles; that'd be neat."

Yes, this is the same guy who brought the ST:TNG medical tricorder into the examination room. He also claims to have a Klingon Medical Officer's uniform, but I don't buy it.

(It's just pleurisy after the bronchitis, BTW)


Oct. 9th, 2006 08:02 pm
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I do not like bronchitis.

It seems like I am breathing, but for somebody else.

Second was worried enough to threaten to take me to the emergency room, because I couldn't even get the energy going to swear at the idiots after disconnecting.
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[profile] drharper on antibiotics

Go read it now before your winter ills set in.
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Right, so I'm down to three cigarettes a day, and restarted my Wellbutrin prescription, so I hope I will be able to avoid any further meltdowns on the work-related activities.

I am a little worried, because by flattening out the highs and lows, I don’t get as much writing done. I’m working on 3/5 Ch. 32, and I hope to get it through beta early enough for a Sunday posting, and I think 33 may be close behind. There are still some holes in 34 and 35 is still in the nebulous framework of a woman and her appliances. There’s great lumps in the back of convention stuff, but we have to get there, and [ profile] shaenon is threatening to make me work for multiple characters to exist in the future Narbonicverse. My fault for not thinking broadly enough.

On the other hand, my id is trying to convince me I can draw, and has been feeding me portraits of the various characters. The one of Lily and Tommy is cute in a disturbing way, and Arsène will NOT behave.

I think this is going to be a good weekend.
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This does not begin to cover it. The statement "You can't do the Wonder Woman shtick after 30" is quite probably true, at least for me. Just as Himself is no longer permitted to perform Errol Flynn imitations, I now have physical limits.

Set the wabac machine for Tuesday 10/18. See me trying to get Hyperactive Lad to get his butt in gear. See me dashing out the door, leaping off the front porch (an arc of 3' out and 2' down) to try to catch the school bus. See me grouse all the way to school because the bus did not stop. Hyperactive Lad was properly appreciative.

Fast-forward two hours after driving to work and sitting in increasing pain - I left before the pain got too much for me to drive home. When I got home, I received validation that Himself is one of the soundest day sleepers I have ever known. I got on the floor to straighten out my back, and my hip, which had previously been partially dislocated, popped back into place. He did not wake up, but the cats vacated the premises most quickly at my scream.

The rest of the story is that I have been on steroids and pain meds for a week, which precludes my posting (see Designated Poster entry). I have written some things, but in order to post them, I must edit, and in some cases find the damned things. I know I have at least a chapter on Ilsa somewhere, but if I saved it, I used someone else's cache. I also have a vague memory of Norma not liking to say goodbye, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out if I put anything on digital paper.


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