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There once was a jaegersmut story idea that stretched and demanded plot. Start here.
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It seems Girl Genius has gone meta. [ profile] studiofoglio has broken their server. If you aren't reading Girl Genius yet, why not? If you are, you may want to friend [ profile] girlgeniuscomic before you miss Friday.
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The Girl Genius Yahoo!group is only partially to blame. Because of who and where I am, I found myself making a list of reasons whyyou might be a redneck mad scientist. )

Play along - IF YOU DARE!

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Corgi wrote the original cast, and made sure everything in my head came out on digital paper. Happy Birthday, Blade!


Going away to college: there are some things that are universal. For everything else you need Jägerkin. )

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But I just heard Gordon Jump say in a shell-shocked voice, "God as my witness, I thought Hoomhoffers could fly!"

Right, I'm going to bed.
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There are some people you really shouldn't surprise... )

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to [ profile] moontyger!

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You better watch out.... )

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So this idea comes wandering around the back porch, generally making a nuisance of itself, and I tried to make it go away. I didn’t make the mistake of feeding it, until I mentioned it to [profile] sff_corgi and she dared me to see what came of it. Hmph, I have enough to worry about with multiple AI love affairs and mistaken assumptions and multiple identities. The idea kept yowling to be let in and was fraternizing with the other ideas I allowed outside to play. Fine, I just hope I got this idea to the vet in time to prevent any litters.

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No work on Three of Five for the week, have another distraction. 

Another bit of Luci's history.

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Let's see if it works, this time...

Who is Luci? (unless you're Kaja, because it's fanfiction, and you said not to show you that sort of thing.)


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Nervous about the round robin in the GGFF group, I thought I'd work off some nervous energy...


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