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Well, not just the zombies. Himself and Hyperactive Lad may be in class sometime for CPR/AED training.

The Heart of Tennessee Red Cross schedule is here, which includes Standard First Aid with Adult, Child and Infant CPR and AED training, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and Babysitting. Yes, babysitting - I wonder how much more a certified babysitter can make?

Hyperactive Lad could have been ahead of the game at BSA resident camp if he had agreed to attend Lifesaver Camp at the Nashville Area Red Cross. I might be able to convince him to go next year.

For those of you not in my back yard, you might want to check the American Red Cross national website, and see what is available in your area.
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So, it is all the fault of the zombies, for I have fallen in with a gang that carries multitools and lighters. As such [ profile] mysryael, who is apparently much more prepared than I am, has started the [ profile] er_oneaday community to discuss and distribute emergency preparedness tactics.

Oh, and this is still worrisome:
TheBreastCancerSite - Fund Free Mammograms
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Interactive fiction can be fun; but that was not the whole of it. Thinking about any disaster and how prepared we are for it is difficult, but put it in the frame of a zombie uprising, and the drill is fun! Zombies make everything better!

I haven’t heard from [ profile] drharper for her wrap-up, but [ profile] fabricdragon has done her report here, and [ profile] patgund posted his thoughts here, and now I’m gonna talk. You don’t have to listen, but it is here for your edification.

So, class, what have we learned? )


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