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No damage to the house, the trash can was still in the same spot we left it.

Still unemployed, as most of the advertised positions are for factory engineers and accountants and paralegals.

Still writing, but most of it is for magazines in Second Life, and paid in L$, instead of USD and the current exchange rate is about L$270 = $1.

The RP outlines are all right, except when they get tangled with others. There is still the annoyance of the occasional bigot, who does not see himself as such, and gets indignant when someone points it out to him. Besides, I do not need the extra crap, the office in-world is getting busy enough without taking him to court over it.

Still working as a volunteer for Relay for Life of Second Life. My page is even if the stupid site is not behaving today to let me in.
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I will not be tonight, either.

Donate Life Ball
Place - Steelhead Ballroom
Date - 21 April 2008
Time - 7:00pm to 9:00 SLT

April is National Donate Life Month in the United States.

If you have a Second Life account, drop by and say hello - I'll be in Ostentatious Blue, a colour Seestor might appreciate, just a couple of shades off from the bridesmaid's dress she had to make, but could still wear to court.
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But here is another reason why I haven't posted.

"Females spent nearly twice as long online in Second Life in February as the boys - another trend which continues steady each month. In short, the average active Second Life user is most likely to be your mother (so to speak)."



You kids get out of my sim until you have cleaned your room and finished your homework!
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The Vice-Consul starts telling me about meeting her mother's family, and Herr Doktor Mason's da shows up before she can post it.

Well, that can stew for a bit, and maybe she'll tell me about the year she spent at University in Paris with her brother acting as her guardian.
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I haz list, let me show you it. )


Oct. 2nd, 2007 12:51 pm
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gotta make another list... )

Edit: "Import"? He's slipping.


Sep. 30th, 2007 08:33 am
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Found in [ profile] blackbyrd2's journal, and I have no idea when I'm going to have time to mess with it, I haven't mastered half the tools in my SL toolbox.
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Back to the office... )
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I need to find the album for this artist! There's a SL radio station (edit: Second Jam Radio) playing an acoustic filk End Of The World As We Know It (in Second Life).

The world feels solid now. 8D
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... when you say, "what do you mean we need to do laundry? Just re-load the outfit from your wardrobe folder in inventory."
... waking up slowly, you comment, "eh, rez is slow today."
... you look at a filthy car and think, "need to rebake."
... in the home center, you get annoyed that the light fixture lists the price, but not the prims.
... you automatically reach for something across the room, and realize 5m away is out of your reach.
... you drive over a bumpy patch in the road and think "sim's running rough today."
... you are late for an appointment because you forget about First Life travel times.
... you forget to eat in First Life because you've been to multiple functions in Second Life where they served canapes and scones.

So... if you need me to see something, you might want to ping me. I'm still running around Caledon relearning polite behaviour.
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Only not the one I'm paid to attend. The fever was an indicator of something viral, so I'm home until I am no longer contagious, after Labor Day. If I am still fatigued and achy by then, the blood tests get done.

Greyson is much improved, and I have wonderful feelings about the new vet. The office is part of a chain, but they were very attentive, even with an emergency procedure coming in just before us. They even made a follow-up call this week. I had warned them I had a geriatric cat, and the vet was amazed he was 20 years old and still not having major failures. The dental, on the other paw, will need some work.

I have joined several groups in SL, and still do not have land. I have to get the servers to speak to each other, and it needs to happen soon. OTOH, that gives me some time to attend some virtual architecture classes. Corgi was right, I'm starting to dream in prims. There is a small Bavarian prefab I would like to use, but I cannot find the showroom.

I really don't want to write the next bit that has to be written, because it is painful. I'll get through it, but it may take a chunk of the weekend. The only problem is this isn't the sort of thing I can piece together while waiting for rez.
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How horrible is it that I have spent nearly twenty hours on the computer this weekend and I haven't gotten to the kitten in the next chapter?
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I spent an inordinate amount of time yestereve creating avatars for Augustus (pics to follow after I figure out the camera) and this morning, I've been pondering the question "Is it possible to code an antalgic gait animation tied to a walking cane?" for an avatar for Marta.

No, the next chapter isn't finished yet.


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