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Lunch - wherein I usually manage to get away from whiny and abusive people, and also get away from the phone for a brief interlude.

Not happening today. I drove to the local Krystal for comfort food. I usually have no problems with the drive through, because there was a very nice young lady who could RECOGNIZE MY VOICE AND ORDER COMBINATION and made sure to add the mayo to my sliders. When I drove up today, the outgoing message was so garbled, I figured someone must have hit the speaker, or there must have been a short in the wire. I was proven wrong. No, it wasn't the equipment, because when I drove up, the order taker mumbled something after giving me my change. I was surprised the problem was his diction (and quite frankly, his question sounded like a very rude comment) which sharpened my voice.

"What?" I inquired.

He proceeded to roll his eyes and say, "Don't give me that attitude - What do you want to drink?"

This surprised me on two levels. First, this qualifies as Very Bad Customer Relations. Secondly, I had given this information at the order station - and my regular drive through cashier never had this problem before.

The order was slow in coming, and I did not receive a receipt. While waiting for my onion rings, the cashier took a cell phone call from what was obviously a friend.

I spent enough time brooding that my first thought after receiving my order without so much as a "Thank you for choosing us" was Oh no, my lad. You have messed with the wrong female canine. I drove around and went inside to speak with the manager. He was very understanding, and I managed to clearly state my issue without raising my voice or swearing. He noticed my bag was in disarray, and I immediately pointed out this was not how I received it; I had been searching for my receipt, thinking it may be in the bottom. I related that if this had been my first visit to the drive-through, I would have no desire whatsoever to return to that store. As it was, this was the first visit in the past ten months that was not totally satisfactory for me.

The manager was apologetic, and made sure to ask if my order was correct. I confirmed this, and was assured he would take care of the issue - which could mean he was going back to his office for another hour, but at least he sounded sincere.

I got back to the car before I realized I had pulled what my family refers to as "a Maw-Maw fit". My grandmother is the one who will speak to the manager is all is not correct, and will contact the CEO if things are not handled to her satisfaction. I sat in the car and laughed at myself, because if I didn't I would have to scream.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to log on to the corporate website.
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Okay, so the alteration of eating habits has been going on for about a week, and I went from a pack per day to one cigarette in the past 24 hours.
Work-wise, I (and the rest of my unit) am being shifted to a caseload type I do not in the least care for, the unit is moving to another floor with fewer windows, and they are taking away our supervisor to give him to the trainees.
So after 7.5 hours at work and approximately 2.5 hours total commute time daily, I go home and the boy has made a mess of the house, and BLOODY DOES NOT SEE IT! I am to the point of throwing away large chunks of his toy stash because I am tired of stepping on them.
The mate has an 8-hour shift and a 10 minute commute. He cooks, and buys me comics. Sometimes it balances out his inability to take his dishes to the sink. His vision problems extend to not seeing the ashtray needs emptying, or leaving cans, bottles or wrappers on any level surface.
Normally, this only irritates me to the point of grumbling as I clean up, and annoying them into helping.

This week, I don't think so.


Jun. 3rd, 2005 03:24 pm
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I was sitting outside my building at lunch today, and some guy with a disposable camera walked up and asked if he could take my picture. This is really odd, because the office complex is almost totally tenanted by government offices. He seemed surprised I said no. Then he said it was just for him, like THAT would make it any better. He was gone before security found him, but it has made me both wary and angry. It has made me worry about "what if he took a picture BEFORE asking?"

I use my picture here, but that's not where I work. Yes, there are creepy people out there; I just hate having face-time with them.
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I work for an entity that deals with those who are unable to work. Because of that, I also have to deal with people who think they are not able to work. I cannot detail the workplace further, but it may be similar to something you have encountered in your travels.

The picayune details do not really matter: suffice to say I am called a liar several times a day, and treated as if I were anacephalic.

Now, I may have been raised differently, but I thought if someone sends you a letter, it is only polite to read it before calling the sender to ask what they wanted. That way, you can have an intelligent conversation concerning said information. Apparently, this is not what happens, at least not to those who receive my letters.

There is also my quirk that I do not assume the person on the other end of this information exchange will automatically know who I am, just by giving my name. I have the letter in hand, and try to cooperate by having the necessary information at hand. The only time I do not do this is someone who is a friend who sends a hand written note, or more frequently, is a friend or family member on my buddy list. I have found that I am a freak for doing this, and there are many people out there who expect me to know who they are by the sound of their voice - even if I have never spoken to them before.

I realized in preschool that the world does NOT revolve around me, and I try to have patience with representatives of corporations I have to deal with in my private life, like the mortgage company, utility providers and credit agencies. I know I am one of many people they will have to deal with that shift, so I try not to initiate an argument right off the bat. I find I am more unique in this area than I thought.

I am no saint - I have been known to work my way through managers attempting to get an answer to my question. I do on occasion express anger and extreme displeasure. I have even been known to get to the edge of hysteria when pushed. But to my knowledge, I have never called someone from whom I need help a "stupid cow" or worse, nor have I commented unfavorably on their ancestry.

Is it the anonymity that makes people feel they must make their point forcefully and immediately? Have we made politeness obsolete? Is it obligatory to abuse consumer representatives in both the public and private sector?


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