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Well, things have been moving, but not in the expected directions.

Still between contracts, I have been writing, but posting the work to my account at deviantart.

Considering what I have been doing between sending out resumes, I might be doing a few reviews and such here, when it doesn't go to another source.

If something gets uploaded to another site, I will try to remember to cross-post here.
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Another turn in the year.

As of seven days ago, I have been unemployed six months.

In fourteen days, my unemployment benefits run out.

I have not had a single job interview from any of the many applications sent out into the aether.


In five days, it will have been a year since my last cigarette.

Tomorrow is an annual festival for wonderful music, and though I cannot donate monetarily to support the threatened public radio station that sponsors the event, I will go, if only for a few moments.

...and the iris are blooming in the front garden.
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No damage to the house, the trash can was still in the same spot we left it.

Still unemployed, as most of the advertised positions are for factory engineers and accountants and paralegals.

Still writing, but most of it is for magazines in Second Life, and paid in L$, instead of USD and the current exchange rate is about L$270 = $1.

The RP outlines are all right, except when they get tangled with others. There is still the annoyance of the occasional bigot, who does not see himself as such, and gets indignant when someone points it out to him. Besides, I do not need the extra crap, the office in-world is getting busy enough without taking him to court over it.

Still working as a volunteer for Relay for Life of Second Life. My page is even if the stupid site is not behaving today to let me in.
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September 17, 1990 to October 22, 2008.

Not a bad run, but towards the end it got ugly.

A downward spiral, starting with stress-related illness, causing absences that created a backlog of work and therefore more stress, was not helped by upper management projecting what seemed to be the attitude that the production workers in the agency were interchangeable and disposable.

I will miss my immediate supervisor, who tried to help, and who seemed worried about me. I will miss some of my co-workers, but by no means all of them.

Honestly? When the axe falls, and the predominant emotion is relief, it is time to go.

Who knows, I might even take a stab at finishing the first complete draft of the first book in the trilogy.
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So today, I get the memo that includes the statement: "Effective today, the titles of all personnel job classifications will be changed to reflect more updated language used throughout the human resources field. Wherever the word "personnel" is used, the words "human resources" will be substituted."

My first, barely controllable, urge was to scream "Soylent Green!"

Considering how I mailed it to those in my “you should understand” group, I may have cleared the field for a semantics war between Second and [ profile] blueeyedtigress.

The Official RTA Queen’s Consort mentioned the lack of soy in the burgers at an unnamed restaurant.

Fraulein Harley quipped back “Are you a good resource or a bad resource?”


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