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I don’t have a lot of memories concerning appetizers growing up. There’s the frozen mass-produced shrimp cocktails my parents would splurge for if it was a good week. Those came three to a package, and my sister and I would get to share the spare one. Unfortunately, my sister and I were allergic to them, so that didn’t happen often. Weddings in the family had cake-and-punch receptions, and if we were lucky, strawberries. There weren’t a lot of cocktail parties that I remember, mostly sit-down dinners that were family occasions.

During the holidays, there were times when mixed nuts, dip and chips, or crudité platters to keep the ravening hordes out of the kitchen until the meal was finished, but nothing that was along the lines of hors-d'oeuvres.

More on the little bites after the cut )
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Cut for bitching and whingeing that most people don't want to hear on a holiday. )

ETA: 5:25 pm - Right, I've started on the Tattoo Mojios and the firepit is lit. If you know where I live (and are in the area) come on by.

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Happy Repeal Day!

If it were a federal holiday, I might be making the trip to Lynchburg today.
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Please join me in raising a glass to Febb Ensminger Burn for raising her son to listen to his mama.
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August 14, 1935 The Social Security Act (H.R. 7260, Public Law No. 271, 74th Congress) became law with the President's signature at approximately 3:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

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