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With the codicil of “Hidden Damage Not Included In Estimate”.

No, that is not in Lindens, either.
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Out-of-pocket weekend, first long-distance driving with the new MadMommieMobile, and it was not too bad. The average when I stopped to fill up in Oak Ridge was 28.3 mpg. No telling with what may be in the tank now. It didn't glow last night when I checked on it, so it may be okay. I miss the Sirius radio, though. I need to either burn off another personal mix CD or get myself an MP3 player with a mini-to-mini jack so I don't have to rely on the stations overlapping.

Sometime today, Himself and B-I-L may attempt to catch 300, as they were unable to see it last night, and ended up at a sushi place. Himself had a fishbowl, and was describing something that scares me. I firmly believe Tentacles Are For Fiction, Not Food.

I may have actually gotten my niece's birthday present right this year, or she is a better actress than she needs to be. I got her a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball and a portable goal.

I'm trying to wait until most everyone on this level of the house is up before making coffee, but that may not be possible. OTOH, [ profile] laloshin is DEAF as a POST (emphasis hers) and would not hear the grinder unless it was beside her head.

Interesting thought about that phrase... just how hearing-impaired is the average lj post, anyway?

I think I hear [ profile] grommie38 moving about, so on to caffination stage.
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The wreck was late in the afternoon of the ninth, I got the keys to a new car early in the afternoon of the seventeenth.

I owe unghodly amounts of cash to the credit union. Himself will have a new radio in his car sometime in the near future.

All I want for Mother's Day now is to have the driveway either regraveled or paved.
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Lessons Learned )

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First off, nobody was injured... )


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