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Only not the one I'm paid to attend. The fever was an indicator of something viral, so I'm home until I am no longer contagious, after Labor Day. If I am still fatigued and achy by then, the blood tests get done.

Greyson is much improved, and I have wonderful feelings about the new vet. The office is part of a chain, but they were very attentive, even with an emergency procedure coming in just before us. They even made a follow-up call this week. I had warned them I had a geriatric cat, and the vet was amazed he was 20 years old and still not having major failures. The dental, on the other paw, will need some work.

I have joined several groups in SL, and still do not have land. I have to get the servers to speak to each other, and it needs to happen soon. OTOH, that gives me some time to attend some virtual architecture classes. Corgi was right, I'm starting to dream in prims. There is a small Bavarian prefab I would like to use, but I cannot find the showroom.

I really don't want to write the next bit that has to be written, because it is painful. I'll get through it, but it may take a chunk of the weekend. The only problem is this isn't the sort of thing I can piece together while waiting for rez.

Date: 2007-09-03 06:22 pm (UTC)
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That's a great snap of you with the Rent Brain. I'm getting to like stuffing scripts in random objects....

No wonder you're staying up 'til my hours. I hope you're getting lots of sleep in the in-betweens. Glad to see Greyson's better, too. Annie was barking loudly for no really good reason this morning, so I think she's feeling better, too. She might have what you've got, dog version.

[waits patiently for next bit of the story]


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