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The Basic Quiche

Another of my favorite “put it together and throw it in the oven” dishes, the quiche is a great way to use leftovers, as well as give an elegant presentation to scrambled eggs.

First, a little history.... )
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Yep, gotta do something with eggs. I gotta warn you, this one might be something you want to make a day (or two) ahead, if you want these for brunch on Sunday.

I was supposed to make deviled eggs for a party ages ago, and though I remembered to buy the extra dozen eggs, I forgot to buy more mayonnaise for the traditional recipe. We were due to arrive in two hours, and really, I couldn’t leave the eggs on the stove. Not because the stove was on, but my Dad was in the house, and he was able to make a meal from hard-cooked eggs. He also loved mayonnaise sandwiches, which was the reason we were out of mayo.

But I had pesto sauce, and a strange sense of humor. Himself caught me quoting the book as I was assembling the eggs. We made sure to tell the others at the picnic what was going on, as pesto was not a big thing locally yet.

Thus is the tale behind the platter of Green Eggs and Ham I take to certain picnic events. It is a little labor-intensive, but worth it for the looks.
I will eat them in a box. I might not share them with a fox.. )


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