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"A well stocked mind is safe from boredom." A.C.C.

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Birthdate:Jun 1
I have a face made for radio, a voice for print and an astonishing propensity to flinch. A Southerner by birth, it is not readily apparent to some, for I was raised in the wild by a pack of feral English professors.

I have committed several atrocities in fanfiction, and have aspirations of actually writing something original. It may not be deathless prose, but I could probably get banned - Mother will be so proud.

This is my journal, there may be other Annechens out there, like the SL IC LJ for the Mechanicsburger, but this one is supposed to be the one for me. If you know about my other journals, please save the OOC comments for this one.

Preferred: she/her

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19th amendment, 1st amendment, 24-hour society, alton brown, animaniacs, anime, arlo guthrie, blackadder, blue man group, books, brewing, caledon, camping, carl sagan, cartoons, cats, cheesemaking, chiller cinema, chocolate, classic horror movies, classic screwball comedies, comic books, consortium of genius, cooking, costa rican peaberry, cubisim, dadaism, desmond morris, deuce-and-a-half, douglas adams, dr. demento, dr. gangrene, dr. who, drabbles, dragons, eureka, fantasy, ficlets, fireworks, first nations technomagery, freedom of expression, fried dill pickle chips, geddy lee, george orwell, ginger beer, girl genius, good eats, gpf, gravedigger romance, gunpowder asaam, hallmarks of felinity, harry potter, healy mice, history, honda automobiles, hyacinth bucket, illumination, impressionism, iron chef, james burke, jazz, kittens, language, laurie anderson, livejournal rabbit hole day, loss prevention tactics, mad science, maintenance-free gardening, manga, medieval history, mercedes lackey, miracle of science, monty python, mr wizard, mundementia one, music, mythology, narbonic, orthodox v. reformed telepathy, paradigm shift, pdq bach, photography, poetry, preemptive driving, ps 238, psychic social work, reading, rené magritte, rpgs, sashimi, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, scouting, seanan mcguire, security gardening, shakespeare, shoujo manga, six-syllable smut, slappy squirrel, spider john koerner, spider robinson, starbuck avenger, studio shivae, surrealism, tea cozy, terry pratchett, they might be giants, tom lehrer, tom smith, venti sulawesi double-shot, vicious kitty, victorian fiction, vincent price, wapsi square, winemaking, writing, zeitgeist analysis, zymurgy
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